Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip to Kirtland

During Miami University's Fall Break, our LDSSA group decided to spend the weekend in Kirtland, Ohio to tour the sites where the early saints of the church gathered andgrew in the gospel. Our first stop was the Historic Kirtland Visitors' Center where we toured downtown historic Kirtland and watched the Joseph Smith video. The spirit was undeniable on the grounds and in the buildings where the early saints lived.

We were also fortunate enough to visit the Kirtland Temple and both the Morley and Johnson farms the next day. It was a beautiful time to visit the area because the foliage on the trees was simply breath-taking. The spirit was felt throughout the rest of our trip at each of our sites. Everyone in attendance was able to learn more about the trials and struggles the early saints faced. The trip was a wonderful opportunity for each of our testimonies to grow and also to grow closer as a LDSSA group.
It was a wonderful trip and enjoyed by all!

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